The best cryptocurrency exchange

Trying to find the best cryptocurrency exchange many of us will make a kind of research to find out the best place to buy cryptocurrency. There are a lot of sites that offer us crypto exchange, but here is some questions. How long does it function, how many comments does it have, do they positive? All these questions are important for persons, who want to buy cryptocurrency, and this site will give you the answers.

Rank Site Location +currency Beginner- friendly Trust score Buy with… User-vote Go to site Read review
1 etoro review London, UKUSD A+ + bank transf.+ Ethereum
 Go to eToro  eToro review
2 Binary-Cent review New York, USAUSD B + bank transf.+ BTC + ETH
 Go to Binarycent  Binarycent review
3 binance review Shanghai, China370+ crypto pairs A+ CRYPTO-CURRENCY
 Go to Binance  Binance review
4 changelly review Prague, Czech Rep.35+ crypto pairs B+ CRYPTO- CURRENCY+ credit card
 Go to Changelly  Changelly review
5 bittrex Las Vegas US B CRYPTO-CURRENCY
Go to Bittrex Bittrex review
6 Bitstamp review UK A+
Go to Bitstamp Bitstamp review
7 coinbase review San Fran, USAUSD GBP EUR A+ + bank transf.
 Go to Coinbase  Coinbase review
8 coinmama review SlovakiaUSD EUR ETH BTC A + paypal+ bank transf.
 Go to Coinmama  Coinmama review
9 GDAX San Francisco, CA, USA A+
Go to GDAX GDAX review
10 localbitcoins review localall currencies B+ + bank transf.
 Go to LocalBitcoins  LocalBitcoins review
11 cex review London, UKUSD EUR GBP RUB A + bank transf.+ Ethereum
 Go to CEX io  CEX io review
12 xcoins review Santa Monica, USAUSD EUR GBP B + bank transf. &Paypal
13 cryptopia review New Zealand250+ crypto pairs B CRYPTO- CURRENCY+ credit card
 Go to Cryptopia  Cryptopia review
14 paxful review Delaware, USAall currencies B + debit card+ onevanilla payza+ neteller skrill+ amazon itunes
 Go to Paxful  Paxful review
15 yobit review Moscow, Russia345+ crypto pairs C+ CRYPTO-CURRENCY+ Ripple
 Go to Yobit  Yobit review
16 kraken review San Fran, USAUSD EUR CAD GBP JPY B+ + altcoins
 Go to Kraken  Kraken review
17 poloniex review Delaware, USA175+ crypto pairs C+ CRYPTO- CURRENCY
18 gemini review New York, USA B+
 Go to Gemini  Gemini review
19 blockchain review LuxembourgEUR B+
 Go to review
20 coinexchange review ? un-regulated ?190+ crypto pairs D- CRYPTO- CURRENCY
 Go to review
21 bitcoin-de review GermanyEUR B
 Go to review
22 bithumb review Seoul, South Korea8+ crypto pairs C+ + bank transf.
 Go to Bithumb  Bithumb review
23 coinatmradar review [world ATM map]all currencies n/a
 Go to CoinATMRadar  CoinATMRadar review
24 okex review Belize180+ crypto pairs C+ CRYPTO- CURRENCY+ futures
 Go to OKEx OKEx review
25 shapeshift review Switzerland40+ crypto pairs A CRYPTO- CURRENCY
 Go to Shapeshift  Shapeshift review
26 bitmex review Republic of Seychellesmargin trading C+ Leverage
 Go to BitMEX  BitMEX review
27 bit-z review Hong Kong210+ crypto pairs B- CRYPTO- CURRENCY
 Go to Bit-Z  Bit-Z review
28 bitso review MexicoMXN B + cash+ pademobile.
 Go to Bitso  Bitso review
29 bitpanda review Vienna, Austria35+ crypto pairs C+ CRYPTO- CURRENCY+ credit card
 Go to Bitpanda Bitpanda review 
30 bitfinex review Hong-KongUSD B+
 Go to Bitfinex  Bitfinex review
31 bitbay review Katowice, PolandPLN USD EUR C
 Go to BitBay  BitBay review
32 quadriga review Vancouver, CanadaCAD USD B + interac
 Go to QuadrigaCX  QuadrigaCX review
33 luno review South Africa / NigeriaZAR IDR MYR NGN SGD C+
 Go to Luno  Luno review
34 gate io review ? un-regulated ?155+ crypto pairs D- CRYPTO- CURRENCY
 Go to review
36 bitflyer review Tokyo, JapanJPY B+ + bank transf.
 Go to BitFlyer  BitFlyer review
37 coinsquare review Toronto, CanadaUSD GBP CAD BTC C+
 Go to Coinsquare  Coinsquare review
38 bisq-bitsquare review p2p [decentralized]59+ crypto pairs n/a CRYPTO- CURRENCY+ bank transf.
Go to Bisq  Bisq review
39 btcmarkets review Sydney, AustraliaAUD B
 Go to BTCmarkets  BTCmarkets review
40 coincheck review Tokyo, JapanJPY B+ + bank transf.+ 9 altcoins
41 bitcoin-exchange-thailand review ThailandTHB C+ CRYPTO- CURRENCY+ bank transf.
 Go to review
42 indonesia-bitcoin-marketplace review IndonesiaRupiah C+
 Go to review
43 zebpay review Ahmedabad, IndiaINR B
 Go to Zebpay  Zebpay review
44 LakeBTC review ChinaAll currencies C+ + flexpin
45 hitbtc review Copenhagen, Denmark25+ crypto pairs C- CRYPTO- CURRENCY
 Go to HitBTC  HitBTC review
46 indacoin review Westminster, UKUSD C+ + Ethereum
 Go to Indacoin  Indacoin review
47 kucoin review Hong Kong205+ crypto pairs C CRYPTO- CURRENCY+ Ethereum
 Go to KuCoin  KuCoin review
48 liqui review Kiev, Ukraine285+ crypto pairs C+ CRYPTO- CURRENCY
Go to Liqui  Liqui review

The best bitcoin exchange

Bitcoin exchange place, in other words, bitcoin trading platform, should show us available currency pairs, possible altcoin exchange, and the tips how to buy cryptocurrency. However, the best coin exchange sites were gathered here, so you can see where to buy cryptocurrency in a couple seconds using currencies from all over the world.

How to buy cryptocurrency

Bitcoin mining isn’t a business for everyone, but everyone can trade it by using top cryptocurrency exchanges. So, if you want to find the best place to buy bitcoin, this site will help you to find where bitcoin exchanges are made clearly. Here you also can read real recalls from real people about different cryptocurrency exchanges. If you worry about your cryptocurrency, we will tell you which one exchange should be trusted.

Bitcoin exchanges

Unfortunately, some exchanges are unconfident and we don’t want you to have deal with bad ones. People should know which exchanges can be trusted. That’s why this site represents you a lot of exchanges. With our help you will chose a really good one.

Best place to buy bitcoin

Safety – this is all that everyone desires. The most reliable way to store cryptocurrency is a cold offline wallet (cold storage), which is created on a computer without access to the Internet. However, the simplest and most affordable options for cryptocurrency exchange are purses or directly on the exchange site. That’s why only the best bitcoin exchange platforms should be trusted.

Where to buy cryptocurrency

On most such sites it’s enough to register and put money into your account (top up the balance). But now, in addition to bitcoin, there are a large number of other cryptocurrencies (more than 1000). So now, with the help of this site, it isn’t a problem to find good site with the best crypto exchange rate.

Bitcoin trading platform

Instead of buying cryptocurrency on the Internet, you can buy bitcoins in a quite real crypto ATM – almost usual ATMs, but for operations with cryptocurrency. However, the best place to buy bitcoin is still bitcoin trading platform. They are suitable for most transactions, quite safe, and there are hundreds of them.
So, if you are looking for the best cryptocurrency exchange 2018 our services will help you with your trading.

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