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Bitcoin cash to USD – places to exchange

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Bitcoin Cash is a hard fork of Bitcoin that went live in 2017. It was initiated by a certain part of the Bitcoin community who decided to increase the block size. While the majority didn’t support this decision, the minority pushed it and split the chain, launching their own project. In 2018, Bitcoin Cash was forked, too. The dominant part known as Bitcoin ABC took the ticker – BCH. The second part got a new ticker – BSV or Bitcoin SV.

Bitcoin Cash to USD Trading

Since BCH is a popular coin, you can trade it using two different approaches. Check them:

  • Crypto-to-fiat. This one provides for traditional BCH to USD pairs. Trading them, you connect crypto wallets and fiat solutions to make a direct exchange.
  • Crypto-to-crypto. Instead, this option allows you to trade BCH to USDT, USDC, and other stablecoins. Thus, you use cryptocurrency solutions only.

The BCH price remains the same because fiat dollars and dollar-backed stablecoins have the same value. However, the difference is in the trading methods you use. Study both options and be sure to choose a suitable one.

Buy Bitcoin Cash

If you‘re going to trade Bitcoin Cash to USD, you want a reliable intermediary. We know three major types of these parties:

  • Brokerage systems. Via them, users can purchase crypto. That’s the main purpose so brokers don’t support trading and have a plain interface. But the fees are relatively high.
  • Exchanges. These platforms support buy and sell orders, limit and stop-loss options, and many more. A regular BCH exchange is an advanced trading terminal.
  • P2P systems. These websites don’t store crypto but help BCH USD buyers and sellers to connect directly. They are more secure but require user due diligence.

If you want to buy Bitcoin Cash using the most reliable and relevant exchange, check our platform comparisons. Our short reviews reveal the core pros and cons of trading platforms and brokers.

BCH/USD – if you ned te get bitcoin cash for dollar use our list of trusted exchanges