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BitQuick is a peer-to-peer BTC trading platform. It’s similar to LocalBitcoins but with a few differences. Most importantly, BitQuick reviews show that it accepts cash through bank transfers, Western Union, MoneyGram, and SEPA. As well, it’s a regulated American company.

BitQuick Fees and Limits

The system is pretty simple in terms of charges. BitQuick fees are 2% + a mining fee for buyers and 0% for sellers. They are deducted automatically. For canceled orders, the fee is 5%. BitQuick limits aren’t specified for the minimum amounts and are set at $10,000 as the max sum.

Is BitQuick Safe?

Thousands of American and foreign users buy and sell BTC using this service. BitQuick down moments are rare despite high demand. Its escrow solution and the BitQuick support center work fine so we think that the entire platform is safe for use.

BitQuick Exchange – Q&A

Expanding on the BitQuick review, let’s answer the most popular questions:

  • How to buy on BitQuick? You should specify the amount, choose a payment option, verify your number, and transfer money. No BitQuick login is required!
  • How to use BitQuick? Buyers can place request orders and get connected with sellers automatically. Sellers do the same but they don’t have to pay, just transfer BTC.
  • Is BitQuick legit? The BitQuick scam and BitQuick fraud issues are barely possible. The system is registered as Athena Bitcoin in the USA.
  • What is a BitQuick alternative? Probably, the closest alternative is LocalBitcoins. But it supports more payment options than the BitQuick exchange.
  • Where is BitQuick located? The company’s main office is in Cincinnati. The company also has offices in Bogota, Buenos Aires, Chicago, Dallas, Miami, and Saint Louis.
  • Which pairs are available? According to the BitQuick review 2020, it supports only BTC. As for fiat, USD, CAD, AUD, EUR, and RUB are supported.
  • Convenient cash payments through bank transfers
  • High limits with sufficient liquidity
  • Secure payments, reliable escrow
  • Simple interface that is great for beginners
  • A few payment methods, focus on cash
  • No BitQuick phone number, just email/site support
  • Only BTC is available out of all cryptocurrencies
  • Relatively high fees
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