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Last Updated on by is one of the crypto market mammoths. It combines the functionality of a wallet with instant transfers and exchange. From the unknown platform, it moved to the giant with 48 million wallets.

Well, where is located, and whether is legit? It’s an official crypto service registered in Luxembourg. There, it was launched a lot of years ago – in 2011. 

Don’t be afraid of possible scam issues. This site is one of the most reputable in the industry. Still, don’t forget that it provides hot wallets that can be hacked. It’s not advised to store big amounts here. Diving into the details, we will answer “is safe” later. reviews several languages, to be precise, 21 in total. Feel free to select the best language on the site. Also, note that the system can detect your region so it will offer the interface on your native language, most likely. fees

Talking about fees, we should distinguish two services. The first one is a wallet. It features own fees and limits. Through the tool called Swap, users can exchange coins directly in their wallets, trading BTC, ETH, XLM, BCH, and USD-D. The only applicable fee is a network rate that goes to miners. Aside from it, everything’s free with this tool. review

As for the local exchange, it also has its own fees. They rely on the taker-maker model and vary depending on the trading volume of each user. Max fees are 0.24% while min fees are 0.02%. Here’s the detailed schedule: fees limits also depend on the account level. Newcomers can exchange up to $1,000 per year using Swap. For verified users, this limit is set at $25,000 per day or $100,000 per week. You always can check the limits in your account. 

In this review, we’ll also look at the security.

Is safe?

Being a reputable site, offers a number of security functions. First and foremost, users can check the safety level of their accounts on the main screen. If you want to boost this parameter, follow a few tips.

So, how to use safely? Start with making a reserve copy of your recovery info. It’ll help to regain access in case of data loss. As well, turn on 2FA option and add another password to improve security. This will help you to prevent any possible fraud.

Check out the available guides related to security:

Is safe

Overall, remember that wallets are hot aka online. In case of any potential down, you can lose your funds. That’s why it’s a good idea not to store massive amounts here. wallet

The wallet supports five cryptocurrencies that you can store, send, receive, and exchange:

  • BTC
  • BCH
  • ETH
  • XLM
  • USD-D

The next question is how to buy on As we mentioned earlier, the solution supports two functional modules: its wallet and exchange. Crypto purchases are possible from both sections. Using the wallet, you can launch the Buy tool to purchase any supported crypto. wallet

Alternatively, you can buy from the exchange. It should be more familiar as the trading screens are similar to other exchange interfaces and alternative platforms. 

For more functionality questions, feel free to go to the support center. It’s available in English and Russian. Still, other IP addresses may find pages in other languages. If you want to contact the support, just submit a request with your issue or question. Sadly, the phone number is absent.

Finally, let’s compare the results of our review 2020.


1 Total Score review

  • Convenient and simple interface;
  • Ideal for small transactions and wallets;
  • In-built wallet and exchange modules;
  • Long history, the trust of 48 million users;
  • Mobile apps.
  • Potential hot wallet issues;
  • Some support complaints.
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