review is an online wallet founded in 2011. It was one of the first such services and now it has almost 23.5 million wallets. Where is located and whether is legit? The platform is a registered service in Luxembourg and has been operating since August 30, 2011. You don’t need to be afraid of scam, but do not forget this is an online service and you should be as cautious as possible if you want to store large sums here. However, we will respond to the question “Is Safe” a little later. reviews many languages ​​(28, to be precise), which makes it convenient for almost any person in the world. You can select the desired language at the bottom right of the page (but not on the main page). fees

Everything is pretty simple at this point. You pay fees for the transactions and assign the price by yourself. However, it’s best to calculate fee basing on transaction volume, since transactions without a gas price have very low priority and they may not be processed at all. Here are a few notes from the site’s team. review limits depend on the level of your account and the degree of its verification. Your personal volume you will find in your personal account. Also, there is a restriction on the minimum transaction size: fees

In the next part of our review, we’ll look at the security of the site.

Is safe

To ensure the security of the site, different functions are available. The level of security of your login will be shown by the indicator near the corresponding item.

Is safe

How to use safely? Firstly, you need to make a backup copy of your recovery key to get your money back if you lose your account’s data. Also, we advise you to connect 2FA and even a second password in order to increase the reliability of protection. All this will help you protect your account from intruders and be sure of the absence of fraud.

Do not forget, wallet is an online storage. In the case of global down, you can hardly recover the lost funds. So we advise you to store small sums here, but still, the online wallet is quite convenient to use, so the choice is always yours. wallet

The platform works with only 3 cryptocurrencies, so you will not find other alternative coins there. Here they are:

  • Bitcoin;
  • Ethereum;
  • Bitcoin Cash.

How to buy on Despite the fact that this is a wallet, here you can also buy or sell a cryptocurrency. After you have registered and verified your account, go to the shopping tab, select the desired operation. Further actions won’t cause any difficulties for you because the interface is very simple and understandable. Here you can also swap one your cryptocurrency for another and it is very convenient. wallet support page is available in 3 languages:


Here you can find a lot of useful information and answers to many questions, and also, to contact support via e-mail using the link “Submit a Request”. phone number is absent.

And now let’s compare the results of our review 2018.

1 Total Score review

  • The platform has been on the network for many years and has many users;
  • Great for small transactions;
  • User-friendly interface;
  • Application for smartphones (IOS, Android);
  • Do not forget that this is an online wallet and its reliability is not the best;
  • There are complaints from users about very poor support work;
  • Complaints about stolen funds.
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