BX.in.th review

And immediately let’s start with the question “where is BX.in.th located”. This is the Thai exchange from Bitcoin Co. Ltd., which was founded in 2013. The headquarters’ address is “Bitcoin Co., Ltd. Ltd. 43/1031 Ramintra Street, Bang Khen, Bangkok, 10220 “. Is BX.in.th legit? Well, no, but they hope to become such soon, as they say on the main page.

BX.in.th reviews 2 languages: English and Thai. Immediately on the main page of BX.in.th, you will hear an annoying “beep” this is just an alert about new a trade. You can disable it, as well as change the language in the upper right corner of the page.

BX.in.th review

BX.in.th fees

In this part of the BX.in.th review, we will talk about the commissions of the exchange. At the bottom of the page in the “Information” section, there is all information about BX.in.th fees and it is very convenient. In general, the commission is 0.25% of the transaction size and is taken in the first currency of the pair. Practically for all deposits, there is no commission, but for some currencies, BX.in.th limits free minimum.

BX.in.th fees

Here you can get acquainted with the fees for withdrawal and the maximum number of available withdrawals per day and their maximum amount (although in most cases they aren’t limited). Please note that for Preferred Traders, there is no fee for the withdrawal of cryptocurrency. But for THB, it’s 20 Thai Baht and another +10 for every 10 thousand.

Below you can see them all, but for now, let’s move on to the question “is BX.in.th safe”

BX.in.th limits

where is BX.in.th located

Is BX.in.th safe?

The exchange takes security very seriously. To prove that there is no BX.in.th fraud, in the FAQ there, is a description of all the means of protection. A little lower you can see them.

Is BX.in.th safe

If you have questions, you can always contact BX.in.th support using the Ticket System. Also, there is even BX.in.th phone number – 02-552-2977. You can use chat for users (it is not for the support and doesn’t have admins).Click on it to open the full window. But almost all the dialogues are in Thai.

BX.in.th wallet

How to use BX.in.th? Firstly, you need to register and get a BX.in.th login. Then go through the verification, but for it, in addition to some personal data, you will need the Thai National ID card, which again shows that the site is aimed at the people of Thailand.

How to buy on BX.in.th? Thanks to a simple and intuitive interface, this won’t cause you any problems. Right on the main page, you can create your own Order or choose from the tables below.

How to use BX.in.th

Here you will find a chart of the course that you can view in detail, or go to the “TradeView” tab for an even more detailed graph. Below you can see all available pairs.

BX.in.th scam

The platform is still aimed at a resident of Thailand, but the BX.in.th scam is absent. And now let’s sum up our BX.in.th review 2018.

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BX.in.th review

  • There are many BX.in.th alternative coins on the platform;
  • Supports THB;
  • Accepted fees;
  • User-friendly and simple interface;
  • You can use BX.in.th wallet.
  • Maintenance often occurs BX.in.th down;
  • The exchange is aimed to Thailand (you can’t verify the account if you are not a resident);
  • Only Thai national currency is available.
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BX.in.th review
BX.in.th review

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