CoinATMRadar review

The first Bitcoin ATM appeared in 2013 and its number is still growing. Where is CoinATMRadar located? Use link to go to the site. Here you will immediately see a pleasant interface and basic information about ATMs. Today, CoinATMRadar reviews 2412 crypto machines in 63 countries and this isn’t the limit.

coinatmradar review

Below you can see a map on which there are all ATMs, instructions on the topic “how to buy on CoinATMRadar”, and other basic information. Here you can immediately find the CoinATMRadar alternative if there was not a single machine nearby.

coinatmradar fees

CoinATMRadar fees

Not the most positive part of this CoinATMRadar review is the commission. Each ATM has its own payment for use, but the site has its average value. CoinATMRadar fees, according to the statistics of 2016, have an average of 8.4% for buying and 5.4% for selling Bitcoin.

is coinatmradar safe

Although there is a theory that with the increasing number of ATMs, fees will decrease, so far practice shows a very different result.

Is CoinATMRadar safe?

On the site, you won’t meet CoinATMRadar fraud. Why? It is very easy to answer the questions “Is CoinATMRadar safe?” Or “Is CoinATMRadar legit?” The site only provides you with information and helps you find the nearest ATM that you will personally work with. Moreover, on the site, you can also find detailed instructions on how to use CoinATMRadar and different types of ATM.

coinatmradar exchange

It is also important to note that your CoinATMRadar limits depend directly on the ATM itself and on the verification methods that it has. Each next step will increase your limit, but there are only 3 options:

  • Work without verification;
  • Verification via SMS;
  • Verification via ID.

CoinATMRadar conclusion

By working with the site, you can note that the CoinATMRadar login is only available for the Operator’s account.

how to use coinatmradar

If you have any questions, you can always contact CoinATMRadar support using the Contact Form on the site or simply via e-mail. There is no CoinATMRadar phone number.

Even if there is a CoinATMRadar down, this absolutely won’t affect you financially. And now, as the conclusion of this CoinATMRadar review 2018, we will try to highlight the advantages and disadvantages of both the site and Bitcoin ATM.

CoinATMRadar review
CoinATMRadar review

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