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Dogecoin to USD – places to exchange

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Dogecoin is a cryptocurrency that was created as a joke in 2013. It’s a fork of Litecoin – another popular crypto project that is in turn based on Bitcoin. The DOGE price was formed by demand because the coin was used for online tips on Twitter and Reddit. The project reached its maximum popularity in January 2018 when it topped $0.018. The current prices are displayed in our Dogecoin to USD chart.

Dogecoin to USD Trading

For dedicated DOGE/USD traders, we suggest two different approaches. They both may help you reach your goals:

  • Crypto-to-fiat trading allows you to exchange Dogecoin to USD using both crypto and fiat systems. Thus, you can get dollars right away.
  • Crypto-to-crypto trading allows you to perform exchange operations using stablecoins like USDC. Thus, you can avoid using fiat solutions and hedge against risks thanks to crypto-only transactions.

Note that different Dogecoin to dollar exchange systems work with different options. Some of them don’t support crypto/fiat pairs so stablecoins remain the only viable method.

DOGE/USD Exchanges

Apart from trading methods, different exchanges also focus on different interaction models. The DOGE to USD deals fall into one of the three categories, namely:

  • Broker transactions. Brokers sell cryptocurrencies to users for fiat or other coins. While they don’t support fully-functional trading, they remain good entry points.
  • Exchange orders. Centralized and decentralized exchanges convert Dogecoin to USD by means of general, limit, take-profit/stop-loss orders, etc. They are great for active trading.
  • P2P payments. Peer-to-peer deals are performed between two regular users, without third-party assistance. This approach is good for private Dogecoin to USD trading.

You can compare different platform types using our reviews. For more informed decisions, use the Dogecoin calculator USD that compares rates and even fees.

DOGE/USD – if you ned te get dogecoin for dollar use our list of trusted exchanges