Binance vs Bithumb


Advantages: Advantages:
✔ The high trading volume. More than 4 billion dollars per day;
✔ The stability of work and well-done API;
✔ The number of currency pairs is over 200 and it is constantly replenished;
✔ Verification is not necessary to withdraw less than 2 BTC;
✔ User-friendly interface with the option of selecting an advanced version;
✔ The Binance fees are only 0.1%, and when using the BNB, the token is reduced to 0.05%. Definitely the lowest among all exchanges;
✔ When you store NEO, you get GAS tokens;
✔ Fastest rate of the development;
✔ Pleasant referral program. You get a half of the commission of the invited person;
✔ They have own mobile application;
 ✔ High liquidity;
✔ Low commission fees;
✔ A rigorous approach to security;
✔ On the site there are the most popular cryptocurrencies;
✔ Operational and competent technical support;
✔ Ability to create different types of accounts – for individuals and corporate;
✔ Nice Bithumb API;
✔ Available offline centers.
Disadvantages: Disadvantages:
▬ There isn’t the possibility of using fiat currencies. ▬ It works with South Korean won (KRW);
▬ Exchange mostly has been created for users from South Korea.
▬ The exchange does not work with little-known coins.

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