Gdax vs Bitfinex


VS                     GDAX
Advantages: Advantages:
✔ 37 available cryptocurrencies;
✔ Perhaps, the highest level of security;
✔ Mobile app;
✔ Large volume of trades;
✔ User-friendly interface and demonstration of functionality;
✔ Wide range of tools;
✔ Low commission.
✔ Large trading volumes;
✔ Purchase of cryptocurrency for fiat;
✔ Availability of the most popular cryptocurrency;
✔ Insurance of deposits;
✔ High-security level;
✔ Professional orientation;
✔ A good GDAX API for improving security.
Disadvantages: Disadvantages:
▬ Compulsory and sometimes difficult verification;
▬ High Сommission for operations in dollars;
▬ Hacker attacks on the site.
▬ The interface is not the easiest and only in English;
▬ A limited number of cryptocurrencies;
▬ Work with a limited number of countries;
▬ Mandatory verification..

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