Localbitcoins vs Paxful


Advantages: Advantages:
✔ Wide choice of payment methods (more than 300) and withdrawal methods (more than 150);
✔ A good support forum;
✔ Low commission;
✔ It’s easy to start trading;
✔ A high speed of purchase by traditional methods.
.✔ The reliability of the exchange;
✔ A huge number of payment options;
✔ Large trading volumes;
✔ Support for more than 250 countries;
✔ Low commission of 1% from the person who placed the order;
✔ LocalBitcoins app for smartphones;
✔ The highest anonymity;
✔ There are no trading limits;
✔ Good support and site forums;
✔ An opportunity to choose the seller/buyer
Disadvantages: Disadvantages:
▬ High exchange rate;
▬ Some users can make a fraud;
▬ High fees for non-standard methods of payment (for example, gift cards);
▬ Some users reported about slow support.
▬ The presence of only one cryptocurrency – Bitcoin;
▬ Possibility of user’s fraud;
▬ Availability of returnable payment methods (for example, LocalBitcoins PayPal);
▬ The speed of the trade depends on the method of payment (however, most transactions on the site are done within 15 minutes);
▬ The cost of Bitcoin depends on the chosen method of payment (not including the commission of the site).

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