Where is located? This is young American exchange appeared in the summer of 2017. Is legit? Yes, it is registered in the US and now offers the trading of 129 tokens, including the most popular Bitcoin and Ethereum. Unfortunately, exchange does not support fiat currencies, but here there is USDT as an alternative to the US dollar. reviews the 3 language interfaces of the site.

  • English;
  • Chinese;
  • Korean.

You can select any of them at the top right of the site. review has a good daily trading volume, which you can see on the main page of the site for each available token. Here you can see the course curve and other information on the selected cryptocurrency. fees fees

On the platform, all trading transactions have fees of 0.2%. About this and that the commission for withdrawal is 0%, tells us the main page at the very bottom. In order to get a discount on the commission, you need to get the level of VIP 1 (VIP 0 you get after your registration). To get it, you need to have at least 3 BTC on your account.

is safe

Also on the site, you can find the tab “Fee”, where you will find the commission on the withdrawal, which is 0% but with some increase, and also limits on the tokens’ withdrawal.

While we were writing this review, the number of alternative coins (altcoins) increased by 2 and now there are 131 crypto-currencies. Next, we will go to the question “Is safe?”. exchange

Is safe?

From a security standpoint, nothing is unique on the platform. But without any special tricks, the security of the exchange and the security of your account are guaranteed. To avoid any scam, the platform stores tokens on cold wallets. And in order to ensure the security of your login, you can connect two-factor authentication. It is also important to note that verification at the exchange is not required and this is its big plus. support is a separate exchange’s page, which you can find on the “Help” – “Support” link at the top of the site. scam

Here you can find the interface in 5 languages:

  • English;
  • Chinese;
  • Korean;
  • Russian;
  • Japanese.

how to use

You won’t find phone number here, but you can find many topics with detailed answers to different categories of questions. The site team regularly adds new information. To contact the support directly, you should use the ticket system, which you can find at the top of the same page.

Now let’s review topics “how to use” and “how to buy on”. exchange

To get started with, you need to register. Interestingly, in addition to the usual password, you need to enter a fund password, which you will use to confirm the withdrawal and trade. Here is the form for registration. fraud

To trade, 4 different markets are available. Below you can see how it looks on the site. The whole trading process is very simple and intuitive. review 2018

Let’s sum up our review 2018 and highlight its main aspects. review review

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