IndaCoin review

IndaCoin review
IndaCoin review

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Starting from the main points, let’s answer where is Indacoin located. It was launched in 2014 in the UK. Its current headquarters are in London. Using the main site, you can find both the address, and the Indacoin phone number – it’s a rare case that shows how the team cares about users. This Indacoin review will mention the features of Indacoin support later, don’t worry. 

The site itself is stylish and informative. It’s available in seven languages and can detect your region by IP, providing personalized offers. Here’s the list of language versions: 

  • English
  • Russian
  • Portuguese
  • French
  • Romanian
  • German
  • Spanish

Feel free to select the version in the upper right corner. 

IndaCoin review

Indacoin fees

Since the site has two trading interfaces, Indacoin fees differ, too. You can find them mentioned in the FAQ section, as well as other questions such as how to buy on Indacoin. Sadly, the team doesn’t specify exact amounts and rates. It only says that fees depend on different factors. If you’re purchasing crypto directly, all fees will be calculated. But it’s unclear how they apply to exchange orders.

As for Indacoin limits, they’re clearly mentioned. The first transfer is limited to $200, the second one will be $400 but only in four days at least. In a week, your limits will be upgraded to $500 and then to $2,000 in two weeks. For users with accounts older than one month, the trading is unlimited. And remember that min transaction amounts are always $50. 

Indacoin fees

It’s time to answer is Indacoin safe now. 

Is Indacoin safe?

Similarly to many other sites, Indacoin offers you to protect your login with 2FA. It’s easy to set it via the mobile app. The exchange also allows tracing sessions, checking IP addresses, and browsers.

Another notable security measure relates to payment methods. The exchange accepts Visa and MasterCard cards with 3D-secure features. To connect them, you should complete the Indacoin verification. Initially, add a card, enter the activation code that will be sent to your phone, and complete a photo or video verification. The process may look redundant but it helps to prevent fraud.

Indacoin exchange

Let’s look at how to use Indacoin. The system has two different approaches. Firstly, it supports direct fiat-crypto payments like traditional brokers. You can get BTC or other coins using your credit card. 

Is Indacoin safe

Secondly, it has a powerful crypto exchange. There are more than 180 cryptocurrencies combined into different trading pairs. Still, the exchange functionality was launched not so long ago so its liquidity may be a bit scarce. 

Indacoin exchange

Concluding this Indacoin review 2020, we should say that we noticed a few Indacoin down issues. But the site looks pretty stable, though. And what about Indacoin scam? Considering that the company is licensed in the UK, there’s no chance of illegal activity. Finally, let’s check out the pros and cons of this site.


  • A lot of Indacoin alternative tokens and fiat options;
  • Friendly to newcomers;
  • Mobile apps for iOS and Android;
  • Quick broker-style purchases;
  • Several languages;
  • Support is pretty good.
  • Delays in money transfers;
  • No fiat withdrawals;
  • Some performance issues;
  • Unclear fees, that are not disclosed publicly.
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