IndaCoin review

The exchange was established in 2014. Where is IndaCoin located? It is headquartered in London, and on the site, you can even find the IndaCoin phone number. Below in this IndaCoin review, you can find it, as well as an e-mail address of Indacoin Support.

Indacoin review

The site looks comfortable and pleasant, and most importantly, Indacoin reviews 7 languages for the interface of the site:

  • English;
  • Spanish;
  • French;
  • Italian;
  • Portuguese;
  • Russian;
  • Turkish.

You can select any of them in the upper right corner of the site.

indacoin fees

Indacoin fees

Information about IndaCoin fees you can find in the FAq section on the site (as well as the answers to the question “how to buy on Indacoin?”), But unfortunately, all you can find there, the commission depends on many factors and it is calculated during your order. But with a payment for the deposit and withdrawal, everything is much simpler, for cryptocurrency it is 0%, and for fiat money, it is 8% of the sum (but not less than 2 dollars).

It is worth to say that the IndaCoin exchange works only with Visa and MasterCard cards (only with support for 3D security), which greatly simplifies the work of many traders.

IndaCoin limits are also present. The first transaction is available for you on a sum of 200 dollars. The next 200 dollars are available on the 4th day after the first purchase, and after a week it is 500dollars. After 2 weeks, $2000 is available for you, and a month later there is no maximum limit. But do not forget about the minimum limit for deposit – $50.

IndaCoin limits

Now let’s move n to the question “Is Indacoin safe?”

Is Indacoin safe?

Here, as on many other sites, you can secure your IndaCoin login by using two-factor authentication. The best way to do this is through a mobile application. In addition, you will be able to track the history of the IP entries and browsers, which will further support your security.

Indacoin verification is available only for cards with “3D secure”. But here you may need to go through several levels. First, you need to enter a 4-digit code, which you will receive by phone. And in the second stage, you can be asked for a video where your face is clearly visible, and you also will need to download your ID scans. All this is necessary to make sure that the card belongs to you and minimize the risk of any IndaCoin fraud as much as possible.

All information on verification you can also find in the section of FAQ, especially pay attention to this point.

Is Indacoin safe

Indacoin exchange

At the moment, there is a kind of IndaCoin down, but the administration promises to restore trade tomorrow.

Indacoin exchange

Now let’s add a few words about “how to use Indacoin?”. On the site, you can trade 200 cryptocurrencies. At the same time, both instant exchange and exchange trading are available for you. Basically, for trade, you will need to register and it is unlikely that it can be difficult for you.

Indacoin scam

For the trade, this page is available for you, by the way, not so long ago Indacoin canceled the withdrawal of dollars, which influenced its popularity.

how to use Indacoin

To conclude this IndaCoin review 2018, let’s sum it all up. So what about IndaCoin scam?

Is Indacoin legit? Mostly yes, but a lot of users report about too big exchange price of Bitcoin.

IndaCoin review
IndaCoin review

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