Liqui review

Liqui – the Ukrainian exchange, which entered the market relatively recently – in 2016. The organization of this site deals with a group that consists of 7 people. Liqui reviewAnswering the question “Where is liqui located?”, we can say that the main part of the team is based in Kiev, Ukraine. To solve additional tasks, the group has employees from the USA, Russia, and Armenia. Is Liqui legit? Yes, the exchange was registered as © Liqui Exchange Pte. Ltd. It reduces the chance of Liqui fraud. The official website is The latest news about the work of the exchange can be found at Liqui phone number is absent. Liqui exchange works with popular cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin and Ethereum), and with less popular altcoins. However, the exchange doesn`t work with fiat money.

Liqui fees

Below, there is a table of Liqui fees for trading currencies such as BTC, ETH, and USDT:

Liqui fees

Liqui limits on the withdrawal of funds depend on the type of your account:

  • New Account – within the first 24 hours after the account is created, the user can withdraw maximum $5,000 (or equivalent); on the second day – 10,000 US dollars, and 15,000 on the 3rd day.
  • Basic Account – currently the owner of this account can withdraw 50 000 US dollars for 24 hours.
  • Enhanced Accounts – Verification is required to withdraw funds from this account; it is allowed to withdraw $ 500,000 per day.

Is Liqui safe?

As for the question “Is Liqui safe?” we can say that its team did a good job for its safety. During registration, you specify your e-mail, through which you activate your account. Every time you log in, the one-time password will come to your e-mail. And the second defense of your funds is 2FA. Also on your user’s page, you can see the history of visits to your account: when and from which IP-address they were made. Verification is also present (optional).

However, in spite of all this, some users tell about the hacking of their accounts and the theft of funds. One of them posted a message on the Reddit social network about stealing 3.5 BTC from his account. After this case, Liqui encourages its users to use 2FA.

Liqui exchange

Let’s move to the question “How to use Liqui?”. As we have already said, to register and create Liqui login you need to specify your e-mail and come up with a strong password. You can make deposits and withdrawals in the “Balances” tab. It is important to know that each wallet is intended for only one kind of coin, the site warns you about it and allows you to do transactions only after you agree with this rule.

Is Liqui safe

How to buy on Liqui? At the exchange, you can see 3 main markets: BTC, ETH, and USDT. To buy and to sell tokens, firstly, you need to select the market, and then select from the list the coin you want.

Liqui exchange

The most important feature of Liqui is the deposit account, the profit of which is 0.066% daily. You can find it on the “Interest” link. You can place BTC or ETH there, and the funds you invest are not blocked, so you can withdraw them at any time. Percent is charged every minute, but they all are paid once a day. However, there is a limit on the size of the deposit.

Liqui support is good enough. The team answers promptly to messages and on forums. Also on the site, you can find the FAQ tab.

Officially, Liqui down was not registered, so the likelihood of Liqui scam isn’t high.

So now let’s sum up this Liqui review 2018:

We hope this Liqui review was interesting for you. If you can`t use this exchange, we offer you Liqui alternative:

  • HitBTC;
  • Binance.
Liqui review
Liqui review

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