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Monero to USD – places to exchange

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Monero is a privacy-oriented crypto project. It emphasizes the security and safety of user funds, offers untraceable payments, and opposes more regulator-friendly systems. The XMR price almost reached $500 in 2018, hitting its all-time high. Currently, the project has a controversial reputation so the rates aren’t as high as earlier. Check out the Monero to USD chart to reveal the current prices.

Monero to USD Trading

Considering the nature of Monero, it’s important to know how users can purchase or sell it. There are two XMR/USD options that you can access:

  • Crypto-to-fiat – buy and sell orders that exchange Monero for fiat currencies directly. For this trading option, you should use both crypto and fiat wallets.
  • Crypto-to-crypto – this Monero to USD trading model relies on crypto-only deals using stablecoins, e.g. USDT. Thus, it doesn’t require fiat payments.

If you want to compare these options, navigate to our Monero to dollar exchange reviews. The descriptions include the supported trading options and coin pairs.

XMR/USD Exchanges

Regardless of the chosen trading method, all market participants rely on the XMR to USD exchange interfaces. Find the features of three basic ones below:

  • Broker system. The tool that sells coins to customers but doesn’t let them trade. Brokerages are great for newbies but rates aren’t the most profitable.
  • Exchange system. The most popular approach that provides advanced trading opportunities for Monero to USD. Exchanges are powerful but too complicated sometimes.
  • P2P system. The method that focuses on direct deals between traders. Through P2P networks, you can convert Monero to USD without trusting third-party custody services.

If these options are interesting to you, don’t hesitate to further read the reviews on our site. To choose the best platform, you can also use the Monero calculator USD that compares rates.

XMR/USD – if you ned te get monero for dollar use our list of trusted exchanges