Zebpay review

Zebpay is the Indian exchange, which started its work in 2012. The official site is zebpay.com. Where is Zebpay located? It is headquartered in Singapore, there are also two offices located in the major cities of India – Mumbai, and Ahmedabad. Zebpay reviewAnd immediately answering the question “Is Zebpay legit?”, yes, the exchange is legit, and moreover, it actively cooperates with law enforcement agencies of the country. Also, there were no cases of Zebpay down. That’s why the probability of Zebpay fraud is minimal. Unlike of any Zebpay alternative, this exchange operates exclusively with the Indian population, which means that only citizens of India can have a Zebpay login. Zebpay reviews Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin, Ripple, BCH, and INR.

Zebpay fees

Zebpay fees

Zebpay fees are charged for transactions. For the maker, the fee is 0.59% of the transaction amount. For taker, the commission is 1.18%.

Commission for withdrawal of funds fixed, it is Rs 10 (10 INR). For sending Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies there is also a commission, which depends on the amount.

Now let’s talk about the Zebpay limits. There are deposit and withdrawal limits:

Buy and sell limits:

Zebpay limits

There are also limits on sending and receiving, they depend on the type of cryptocurrency, for example, Bitcoin:

Zebpay fraud

Zebpay scam

Is Zebpay safe?

We continue our Zebpay review and turn to the very important question: “Is Zebpay safe?”. The exchange’s team cares about the safety of its users. Firstly, the wallet is associated with the phone number. The site has instructions for the loss of a mobile device.

Is Zebpay safe

Secondly, all transactions are protected by a four-digit PIN-code. Thirdly, to store a large number of coins, you can use hardware wallet. So we have no reason to suspect Zebpay scam.

Zebpay wallet

How to use Zebpay? To work with the exchange, you must firstly download the mobile application.

Zebpay wallet

Go through the verification (take a photo of the PAN card and specify the bank data). Then make a payment, (add funds to your Zebpay wallet).

Now we are gradually moving on to the question “How to buy on Zebpay?”. To do this, click on the “Buy” tab. Then enter the number of coins you want to buy. Enter your PIN to confirm the order.

If you have any questions, you can contact Zebpay support. Also, in the “Support” tab you can find answers to many questions. Zebpay phone number is 1860-233-0474.

As the conclusion of our Zebpay review 2018 let’s note the advantages and disadvantages of this exchange:

Zebpay review
Zebpay review

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